The Copywriter’s Time Machine

Yesterday, while mourning Ricardo Montalban (KHAAANNNNN!) I happened upon the above spot for the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba. I have to admit, it kept me laughing for about a half hour solid. Not just the fine corinthian leather but the tastefulness of its appearance and Ricardo’s winsome look as he reflects on how the Cordoba answers his demands.
But this is where it gets weird. After I stopped laughing, I started thinking. And thinking. The spot stayed with me. Once you get past the campiness (his stylish neckerchief, the buttons on the seats) you realize that the copy is really well written. What’s more important is that it makes a statement about the brand that evokes very specific images and aspirations. No small coincidence that it helped Chrysler sell a whole lot of this small car in the mid to late ’70s. RIP Ricardo. Now what about Chrysler …?

On a slightly related note … a week from today Dean and I arrive in New Orleans for the National Automobile Dealers Association Annual Convention & Expo. We’re eager to hear what industry experts have to say. We’ll blog from the convention and maybe even snap a few shots from the trade show floor.