Marketing and communication obstacles can be overwhelming. Sometimes you need more time than an hourlong keynote. Nick Westergaard has developed several half-day or full-day workshops ideal for corporate team building, off-site meetings, or pre-conference sessions. Check availability, discuss your upcoming event, or put a date on hold now.

All workshops available virtually. As someone who has conducted countless global webinars and online workshops, taught in an online MBA program, and hosted a podcast for a decade, Nick has proven experience in keeping online audiences engaged and excited to learn.

Workshop Topics Include

Brand Now Strategy & Activation Workshop

Cutting through the clutter is harder than ever today. New channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have created new opportunities. And noise. Lots and lots of noise. To capture the hearts and minds of your customers, your brand first has to capture their attention. You have to stand out. But how?

Based on Nick’s popular book Brand Now, this expanded master class uncovers the new dynamics of branding to help your brand stand out in our crowded, distracted, digital-first world. Brand builders will learn how to create a brand that has meaning and purpose. They’ll also learn how to master the art and science of storytelling to create content that stands out. Finally, brands aren’t built by one workshop attendee. They’re built by a community both internally among your employees and externally with your brand ambassadors. We’ll take a look at how you can make everyone part of your holistic, engaging brand experience.

What we’ll cover in this workshop:

  • Brand strategy — creating a meaningful brand with structure and story
  • Building the brand internally — building a brand-driven culture internally
  • Building the brand externally — empowering your brand ambassadors to help you tell your story
  • Brand experience design — aligning all of your touchpoints to create a memorable, standout brand experience

As part of this workshop, attendees receive:

  • A brand blueprint detailing your brand’s dynamics — meaning, structure, story, content, community, clarity, and experience
  • An action plan for engaging your brand ambassadors internally and externally
  • A workbook full of helpful reminders from the day
  • A FREE copy of Nick Westergaard’s book Brand Now: How to Stand Out in Our Crowded, Distracted World

Scrappy Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

Marketing today is changing rapidly. Don’t get frustrated. Get scrappy. Based on the frameworks from Nick’s popular book Get Scrappy, this workshop helps marketers ground their social media with a solid strategy, do more with less when it comes to content marketing and getting teams off of the bench and into the marketing game, and measure what matters.

Like an intensive “boot camp” training, Nick’s boot camp provides a rigorous and dynamic workshop featuring a mix of master class lectures and interactive discussion and application periods where you and your team can work through the core components of developing a social media marketing plan. And that’s the best part. You leave boot camp with a fleshed-out scrappy social media marketing strategy you can start using right away.

What we’ll cover in this workshop:

  • Effective social media planning — message, measurement, and more
  • Content marketing — how to create content your audience wants to see more of
  • Spotlights on the most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Marketing integration — how to connect your digital dots both online and off

As part of this workshop, attendees receive:

  • A strategy for creating a consistent, measurable social media marketing plan
    An action plan for tackling each of the social networks covered
  • The latest trends and best practices for creating effective content
  • A workbook full of helpful reminders from the day
  • A FREE copy of Nick Westergaard’s book Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small

Stand Up, Stand Out: A Presentation Design & Delivery Workshop

Does your team struggle to create engaging presentations? Is slide design one of your least-favorite tasks? Whether you’re pitching your latest idea or delivering a formal report, presentation skills are key in persuading others.

Drawing on his experience as a TEDx speaker coach, startup pitch mentor, and business communication instructor, Nick’s master class lays out a process for crafting, designing, and delivering a standout presentation that drives any audience to action. You’ll start with the foundational steps of mapping your message to your audience. From here, you’ll learn strategies for reinforcing your talk with stories and visuals. Finally, you’ll learn how to embody confidence with your delivery both vocally and nonverbally. It’s not just what you say. It’s how you say it. Attendees will leave this workshop ready to nail their next pitch or presentation.

What we’ll cover in this workshop:

  • Mapping your message — identifying the context, structure, and story of your talk
  • Supporting your message visually — slide design best practices and other visual communication strategies
  • Communicating with data — creating standout charts, graphs, and other data visualizations
  • Embodying confidence — presenting with confidence both vocally and nonverbally

As part of this workshop, attendees receive:

  • A Talk Template for mapping out messages of any shape and size
  • A Slide Storyboard grid for planning visuals
  • A Delivery Diagnostic for assessing verbal and nonverbal communication
  • A workbook full of helpful reminders from the day

Ready to take the next steps and make Nick a part of your next event?

I loved Nick’s Boot Camp! It was above and beyond any other social media training I’ve experienced.
Lori Arguello, Community Relations Coordinator, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center

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