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Nick Westergaard has been called “one of the most jaw-dropping marketing speakers.” His scrappy strategies help those struggling to stand out in our crowded, distracted world. Your audience will learn, laugh, and leave with ideas they can implement right away. Check availability, discuss your upcoming event, or put a date on hold now.

Popular Presentations for 2020 Include

Brand Now: How to Stand Out in Our Crowded, Distracted World

With the rise of digital media, you’d think it’d be easier than ever to be heard. Yet, most messages—especially marketing messages—fail to cut through the clutter in our crowded, distracted world. To stand out today, you have to start with your brand. But the rules of brand building have changed.

During this insightful and engaging keynote, you’ll learn about the seven Brand Now dynamics — meaning, structure, story, content, community, clarity, and experience — and how you can use them to build a standout brand.

Key audience takeaways
After Nick’s talk, your audience will be able to:

  • Implement the seven digital dynamics of standout brand building
  • Endow brands with a unique meaning, story, and structure. Standout brands stand for something.
  • Create marketing gravity through compelling content and an engaged community internally and externally.
  • Build a connected brand experience for customers both online and off.

Get Scrappy: Smarter Digital Marketing for Businesses Big and Small

When it comes to marketing, it’s the best of times and the worst of times. New media allows us to reach more people, build personal relationships, and deliver real value to our customers. However, budgets are tighter than ever and we’re constantly distracted by all of the shiny new things coming at us. The answer? Get scrappy.

During this myth-busting and actionable talk, you’ll discover how getting scrappy can help you put your brains before your budget, do more with less, and simplify your marketing in today’s complex world. The book Get Scrappy was named one of Mashable’s Best New Marketing Books to Read in 2017.

Key audience takeaways
After Nick’s talk, your audience will be able to:

  • Create a scrappy marketing strategy grounded with solid business objectives that shows what channel or platform works best when.
  • Simplify content marketing with four easy-to-employ hacks.
  • Measure what matters in social media and digital marketing for continuous improvement.

What’s Next? The Future of Digital Marketing and What You Can Do to Be Ready

With billions of users on Facebook and teens creating and consuming content on Snapchat, Instagram, and Tik-Tok, innovative social media and engaging new forms of content continue to dominate our marketing landscape. As new networks emerge and existing platforms add even more features, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of these rapid shifts.

This forward-looking keynote takes a look at seven digital marketing trends that need to be on your radar, what they mean, and, most importantly, what you can do to be ready for them.

Key audience takeaways
After Nick’s talk, your audience will be able to:

  • Understand not only what’s changing in marketing and media but why it’s changing and what this means for big-picture strategy.
  • Leave with a framework for determining which trends to adopt and implement and an action plan for how to tackle this work.
  • Share the latest trends with others internally and beyond.

Scrappy Presentations: Six Simple Strategies for Standout Pitching, Selling & Leadership

Whether you’re in sales or leading and inspiring your team, presentation skills are critical to career success. And yet it’s hard to give this important task the time and attention it deserves. Now Get Scrappy author Nick Westergaard has taken his experience as a professional speaker, TEDx speaker coach, and business communication educator at the University of Iowa and put together a new system to help you maximize your message impact with minimal time and resources.

In this actionable keynote, you’ll learn the six scrappy strategies—from mapping your message to embodying confidence—that will help you pitch new ideas, close more sales, and lead your team to success.

Key audience takeaways
After Nick’s talk, your audience will be able to:

  • Leave with a system for mapping out any presentation—from a casual 5-minute meeting update to a full-length conference talk.
  • Enhance presentations with compelling stories and clear, concise, and visual slides.
  • Deliver with confidence through vocal performance and nonverbal communication in both in-person and digital settings.

Presidentially Speaking: The Communication Secrets of Our Commanders in Chief

Believe it or not, you have a lot in common with the U.S. presidents. That’s because you’re often charged with using communication, particularly writing and public speaking, to inspire others to take action. Now you can put the communication secrets of our nation’s chief executives to work for you.

Learn to prepare like Lincoln, to be clear and concise like FDR, storytelling tips from Theodore Roosevelt and Barack Obama, how to be physically commanding like Washington and LBJ, and vocally inspiring like Ronald Reagan. In the end, you’ll learn the skills to be a “Great Communicator” in your own work. Non-partisan and not just for white dudes (we’ll look at a few presidential hopefuls as well).

Key audience takeaways
After Nick’s talk, your audience will be able to:

  • Develop clear and concise communications that inspire action.
  • Employ vivid word choices and stories in presentations to stand out and connect with audiences.
  • Deliver your next pitch or presentation like a successful stump speech or State-of-the-Union address.
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