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It’s true. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned about how to write compelling blog content were tips I first encountered reading some of the advertising industry’s most influential texts. Books like John Caples’ Tested Advertising Methods and, really, any of David … Read More

A few years back, I sat in on a meeting with co-workers discussing whether or not to exhibit at a large national conference. The ROI wasn’t clear for starters. Plus we were a medium-sized fish who had just been acquired … Read More

Now Hear This

June 11, 2009

Now is the winter of our discontent … Those opening lines from Richard III crossed my mind earlier today while driving past our local Shakespeare Festival stage in Iowa City, where the Bard’s tale of a physically and mentally disfigured … Read More

In the recent issue of Creativity, modern advertising leaders offer their opinions on the state of the industry. Among the questions asked was should this business still be called ‘advertising.’ This is an especially relevant topic as all of us … Read More

Market Like a Cardinal

March 27, 2009

The red birds debuted the “Play Like a Cardinal” campaign a year or so ago and are wisely continuing it for the upcoming season. It’s pretty easy to be ubiquitous with sports marketing but this campaign really cuts through the … Read More

Muppets on Marketing

March 20, 2009

The above scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan is one that Dean and I both hold near and dear for obvious reasons. But there is a very simple truth exposed by Kermit as he helps an all-frog ad agency struggle … Read More

Like the Reality Coalition needs any help from us — I think I saw this spot between every break last night. But here is our quick take on why it works. First, the ad is good. Every piece works — … Read More

Our first client was/is a Cadillac dealership. On the wall of one of their conference rooms is a framed document with advertising copy in it. Yep, ad copy. A copywriter’s dream come true — that their words would live on, … Read More

Selling Frozen Peas 101

February 8, 2009

Nick recently discovered an old favorite of ours was on YouTube (above). No, not a favorite TV show or movie, but a short recording of outtakes of Orson Welles recording commercials for a frozen food company. I’ve had a cassette … Read More

Yesterday, while mourning Ricardo Montalban (KHAAANNNNN!) I happened upon the above spot for the 1975 Chrysler Cordoba. I have to admit, it kept me laughing for about a half hour solid. Not just the fine corinthian leather but the tastefulness … Read More

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