The Latest in Branding
Two Questions for Your Brand

A new year brings many new things—new adventures, new challenges, new opportunities. Twenty twenty-two is no different. Except that it’s completely different. New years are supposed to provide us with all of these things. We can usually turn to a … Read More

The Latest in Communication

Sometimes at the close of a church service or conference, you’ll see an item on the agenda called a “sending message.” Usually, it’s an opportunity to leave the audience with some final thoughts before sending them back out into the … Read More

The Latest in Content Marketing
podcast brand building

Consumer behavior has been turned upside down by COVID-19. As personal and work routines continue to be disrupted, businesses are scrambling to find the best place to reach customers during these crazy times. Many are turning to podcasts.

The Latest in Digital Marketing
old man yells at cloud

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and my monthly business column for The Gazette isn’t done. Actually, it isn’t even started. I’ve procrastinated. Again. As I made the walk of shame to my home office in an attempt to get a draft … Read More

The Latest in Leadership

Happy New Year! As an author, speaker, podcast host, and educator, I’m often asked for trends that I see on the horizon of a new year. Twenty twenty-one was no exception. However, with the traumatic year we’re leaving behind and … Read More

The Latest in Life
tony hsieh lessons

As family and friends gathered in new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, we were dealt another tragic loss with the death of retired Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. The pain is especially acute because of what he stood for in … Read More

The Latest in Storytelling

As I’ve written recently, story can be a powerful tool for marketers looking to cut through the clutter in the distracted, digital world we find ourselves in. When you hear a story, your brain lights up with cortex activity in … Read More

The Latest in Strategy
mister rogers

At this point, most of us have already seen tons of articles and videos on things like “How to do XYZ in the midst of COVID-19.” Some have been good. Others have been not so good. As marketers in today’s … Read More

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