Community Management

Tending Your Garden

Today I made an analogy about social media that I think might hold some water. I was outlining a comprehensive social media strategy and the client rightfully asked what all it would entail as far as time commitment, money, etc. As I walked through each new media channel I said that managing social media is like tending a garden.

It’s true. Maybe you start with a plan or maybe you just plant some seeds here and there and eventually it leads to a full fledged garden. Either way you usually end up doing some heavy lifting up front planting your seeds (building your profile page, uploading photos, connecting with friends/fans). Early on you keep a very watchful eye on your seeds to make sure they have what they need to start growing. After awhile, they start shooting up (your first 100 friends, subscribers, etc.). Eventually, they take off and you are left with general watering and pruning (status updates, posting new video). And like a garden, you end up enjoying the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor.

Don’t make fun! I like metaphors. How is your garden doing?