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I like to write about social media. I also love craft beer. It’s rare when these passions collide but in the case of what New Belgium Brewing is doing on social media, it’s too cool to avoid. The individuals most … Read More

Marketers eyes light up with newfound productivity when they learn they can push updates from their brand’s Facebook Page to Twitter via a simple Facebook application. But is this time-saving measure the best way to go? When does this make … Read More

Tending Your Garden

February 17, 2009

Today I made an analogy about social media that I think might hold some water. I was outlining a comprehensive social media strategy and the client rightfully asked what all it would entail as far as time commitment, money, etc. … Read More

Nick has a knack for making complex topics simple.
Jacey Wilkins, National Institute of Metalworking Skills

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