It’s the Little Things …

… that transform good marketing into great marketing. This morning, The Lion in Winter was on and I had to go to the endlessly-useful Internet Movie Database. (BTW – Wasn’t this one of the first viral sites that all of your friends told you to bookmark?) Anyhew … I got into the individual movie page and noticed a dramatically tweaked page layout (the movie poster is on the left hand side now!). As always, it was a little jarring but pretty soon I got the lay of the land. Helping me in this endeavor was the small bar below the top nav shown above. If you can’t read it, it simply says ‘Questions about our new look? See our Redesign FAQ for answers.’

This link takes you to a comprehensive FAQ that if you take the time to read you can see that this wasn’t just a cosmetic redesign. Everything was changed based on research and user feedback and testing. Wow. As if I needed another reason to like this online geek-cylcopedia – now they have to go and run the very model of a user friendly site. And the kicker? The FAQ makes it clear that nothing is permanent yet as they are still testing the redesign. A+ IMDB! (P.S. You’d be surprised how many times you have to remind people to test.)Add to Technorati Favorites