I’m Taking Pictures of My Trash Again

Again, you say? Yes. As some of you may remember I was similarly moved by some fast food packaging that I had to photograph and blog about pre-trash last year. Anyhow, I love this Pizza Hut box because they took advantage of their packaging to touch on a unique product need. “Dinner now. Breakfast tomorrow.” Those four simple words sum up the added value of ordering pizza. Some clever copywriter took a personal moment of product interaction – not just the key customer need of satisfying immediate hunger – and found a way to market to it. Those sentences remind us why we have twice as much pizza delivered as we need.

The Point? Embrace and find a way to market to an atypical use for your product. I say embrace because I remember the story about the Preparation H marketing exec on the ski slope that begrudgingly admitted that a number of their customers (the skiing exec included) used the product as an exceptional cold weather lip balm. Now what if they found a way to embrace that need and market to it. And finally, remember that it’s not just a box, or a sack, or an invoice. It’s a piece of advertising that will be laying around your customer’s home or office. Make the most of your packaging or I’ll be forced to take more pictures of my trash!Add to Technorati Favorites