Do You Blog for Your Business?

You should. I could list of all the reasons but instead I’ll further propagate the blogosphere by sending you to a great post by Janine Popick, President/CEO and founder of Vertical Response (my email service provider of choice) where she sums up the 5 Reasons on Why You Should Blog for Your Business. Hers is also a great example of a business blog. Great tone. Valuable content. And it’s relevant to her customers and her business. Plus she does something uber smart: she links her email newletters to her blog posts.

To elaborate a little further, there is also a nasty misconception that blogging is a tactic for B2C marketers only. Sadly this lie was born of B2B marketers who have been slow to adopt the new technologies that Web 2.0 has brought us. Now to be fair, some of these tools, such as RSS, aren’t exactly ready for B2B primetime. But others, like blogging, are.

So check out Janine’s post and start blogging for your business today.