Social Spotlight

Cool Facebook + Twitter Update

picture-3Do you have a Facebook page for your brand? (You should.) Do you have a Twitter account for your brand? (You should.) Facebook and Twitter just quietly made it easier for you to manage your messaging on both simultaneously. The next time you login to Facebook and go to manage your page(s) you will be prompted to link said page to a Twitter account if you choose. The next time you post a status update, share a photo or link, or add a calendar event, the update is automatically pushed through to Twitter as a new tweet. Cool, huh?

Beyond simple time management I think this is great because a lot of the clients I talk to get Facebook. Twitter they don’t pick up on as quickly — which is a chicken/egg problem as the value of Twitter comes with increased use but it’s hard to reach that critical mass if you don’t get it … So ultimately I think it’s good because it will lead to more brands easily adopting Twitter as they have with Facebook. This integration has lowered a barrier to entry. So what are you waiting for?

Already doing all of this? How else are you integrating social media channels on behalf of your brand?