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As I mentioned last month, Instagram is a powerful social network. So I was a bit surprised last week when they announced that they were stealing a feature from social juggernaut Snapchat. In fact, they didn’t even bother to change … Read More

instagram strategy

For the first time in four years I’m not teaching social media marketing to MBAs at the University of Iowa over the summer (fear not — the class will be back this fall). When you teach a topic like social … Read More

Should You Care About Ello?

October 2, 2014


Admittedly the thought of writing an Ello post this early makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. That said, here I sit. For those who haven’t already heard, Ello is the latest social network to … Read More

snapchat for brands

If there’s one thing that the marketers I’ve spoken with over the past couple of months have most frequently asked, it’s, “Should we care about Snapchat?” It’s easy to go with the stock answer that today we all need to … Read More

facebook news feed algorithm

Has an angry social media marketer recently lost it in front of you? Do they look like they sat on something sharp? Allow me to explain. Recently Facebook changed their news feed algorithm and the digital “fit hit the shan” … Read More

brands on vine

Recently honored as the number one app in the U.S. App Store, Twitter’s fun video-based content network Vine is already becoming a playground for brands of all shapes and sizes. While many are finding innovative approaches, some struggle with what … Read More

facebook newsfeed redesign

Last week Facebook announced a redesign of the most traveled page on their site — their homepage or user news feed. This is the first major overhaul for Facebook since September 2011 when they rolled out their Timeline design for … Read More

twitter vine app

Last Thursday Twitter introduced Vine, an engaging new way to create and share concise mobile video content. Actually, Twitter announced their acquisition of Vine Labs and their signature app. Like all things Twitter, Vine is defined by its brevity. What … Read More

facebook graph search

On Tuesday, Facebook announced a new feature to their billion-plus users — Graph Search. After heralding this exciting new announcement (video below) many were left wondering what Facebook Graph Search is beyond an enhanced search feature and what it means … Read More

instagram ebook cover

We have a free gift just for you! With a new Instagram user each second, it’s hard for brands to ignore the potential impact of this channel as part of their digital mix. Get the basics on Instagram, see examples of … Read More

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