Content Snacks for the Weekend

I wanted to take a moment and explain what this post is. Not this post specifically but this series of posts. As you may know, I post new content on Mondays at 9:00 AM to catch readers at the beginning of the work week when you might need some insight or inspiration. However lately — when the mood catches me — I’ve been tossing up a second post like this one. I call these posts ‘Weekenders’ for obvious reasons.

A Weekender post is different from my core content. It may not be about branding or social media directly. It might be about something light like Winnie the Pooh, work/life balance, personal reflections on the state of this blog (like this), or even news and slides from a recent event. And ultimately, I’m not required to write them.

I say ‘required’ because as part of my resolution to be a more consistent blogger, I set a concrete and attainable blogging schedule of weekly publishing on a consistent day and at the same time to boot. There’s not really a schedule to the Weekenders other than they come later in the week (before or during the weekend) and rarely at a set time. This occasional second post doesn’t replace the weekly Monday post. It’s like a special edition of the newspaper. They’re also shorter than my core content as I try to keep the act of writing the Weekenders light and fun for me.

It’s okay to have some fun and lighten up your content from time to time. Varying your post length, focus, and tone is a great way to keep your audience engaged. If you think of your content as food, these posts would be the little snacks to tide you over until the main course is served. And as you know, we cannot subside on snacks alone. We need our balanced meals.

I hope you enjoy these occasional Weekenders — the snacks between your regularly scheduled brand-driven insights. See you on Monday!

Photo via Flickr user brooklyn