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Over the holidays a relative of mine who has a profitable side business took me aside and asked for my help. His question: should I have a website? My answer may surprise you.

The Bar Has Been Raised

October 27, 2014

the bar has been raised

There’s more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter. New networks are emerging left and right. You don’t just have to start that blog you’ve been pestered about. Now you have to be a full-blown content creator. I know … Read More

Creative Marketing Today

October 8, 2014

creative marketing

A few weeks back my friends at Buffer invited me to moderate their #Bufferchat on Twitter on the topic of creative marketing. Creativity has always been an important tool for marketers, serving as either a campaign ingredient or embodied by … Read More

bad press

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. (Right?) How often have you heard that? This adage gets tossed about cavalierly but if you take a step back and think about it — especially in today’s digitally driven zeitgeist — it’s … Read More

If there’s one constant with marketers, it’s that we love to name things. Why talk about integrating your marketing with high-profile events such as the Super Bowl and the Olympics when you could coin a new phrase such as “real-time … Read More

better marketers

Don’t laugh but I think better marketers create a better world. I’m admittedly a little biased on the subject, as I am a marketer myself. I also teach future marketers at the University of Iowa and help marketers overcome digital … Read More


I recognize that I am a little biased on the subject but I think marketing is a noble profession. Helping organizations connect with customers and providing a channel for the exchange of goods and/or services helps both the local community … Read More

Checklist Marketing

September 16, 2013

checklist marketing

Marketers today are busier than ever. Add to this the fact that budgets are lean, making the prospect of more help seem like a distant dream. It’s no surprise that during our Social Strategy Boot Camps, I’m often asked, “What … Read More

digital swipe file

One of my favorite “happy accidents” of my career is the fact that I came up in a direct marketing environment. Specifically it was a direct mail job with an educational publishing company. I’ve often noted the connections one can … Read More

red facebook avatars

Note: I first wrote this as an opinion piece for the Iowa City Press-Citizen in March 2013 when the red marriage equality avatars took Facebook by storm. With the fall of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) this week, Facebook … Read More

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