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To be clear, this is not a political blog. This is a brand-driven blog. Political campaigns in America have been brand-driven since the days when advertising pioneer Albert Lasker advised Warren G. Harding to the modern era where Donny Deutsch … Read More

Many struggle with when and how to promote a business brand versus when and how to promote your personal brand. These are big decisions. Your personal brand is important — especially in the digital space — and merits the same … Read More

Don’t Fear the Drawing Board

September 21, 2010

Part of being brand driven — in the imortal words of Kenny Rogers — is knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Now that I have The Gambler reference that I’ve always wanted to make out of … Read More

Inception Marketing

August 29, 2010

Another title for this post could have simply been All the ‘Big Brother’ Stuff That Makes Most People Really Hate Marketing. First, let me apologize for being like two months behind the rest of the world on seeing Inception but … Read More

As a final act of closure on the holiday weekend, I re-traced the July 4th parade route on my morning run. As I carefully dodged candy wrappers, leaflets, and other giveaway items on the newly swag-encrusted streets (an unseasonal rain … Read More

Last weekend I went to the store to buy Monopoly and it was damn hard. If you’ve ventured down the game aisle of late you’ve probably noticed that there are a few more versions of the Parker Brothers classic including … Read More

Ads That Move the Needle

February 23, 2009

This morning Advertising Age reported that the Miller High Life one-second Super Bowl ad has created a year-on-year sales bump for the brand affectionately referred to as “the champagne of beers.” The real kicker is that NBC didn’t even air … Read More

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