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‎ariadna navarro on brand

Ariadna Navarro is the Chief Growth Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at VSA Partners where she and her team help clients of all shapes and sizes—from blue chips to B2B to startups. We discussed all of this and more this … Read More

‎abbey mcgrew on brand

Abbey McGrew is the founder and creative director of Wayfarer Design Studio, where she helps thoughtful e-commerce founders to bring their brands to life through visual identity, packaging, and web design. We discussed all of this and more this week … Read More

‎chantal cornelius on brand

Chantal Cornelius has spent the last two decades helping hundreds of coaches, consultants, and speakers grow their businesses and achieve their goals by making strong emotional connections with their clients. We discussed all of this and more this week on the … Read More

dan zavorotny on brand

Dan Zavorotny is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nutrisense, a metabolic health company that helps anyone discover and reach their health potential. This standout brand in the health and wearable spaces helps people own their health. We discussed … Read More

‎donna griffit on brand

Donna Griffit is a  world-renowned Corporate Storyteller, pitch alchemist, and author of the bestseller Sticking to My Story. Based on 20 years of helping startups, her book and her work help founders and startups who find themselves stuck in telling … Read More

Marcus Collins is head of strategy at Wieden+Kennedy New York and author of the new book For the Culture. In addition to his work as an award-winning marketer and cultural translator, he also teaches marketing at the University of Michigan’s … Read More

‎annette simmons on brand

Annette Simmons is the author of several books including The Story Factor and Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins. Having read a lot of books about story, I can say that Annette is a leader in this area. That’s why … Read More

joe pulizzi on brand

Joe Pulizzi is the godfather of content marketing, having first mentioned the term in 2001. A serial entrepreneur, he’s the founder of Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World as well as The Tilt and the Creator Economy Expo. We … Read More

Tristen Norman is Head of Creative Insights for the Americas at Getty Images. Using both sides of her brain, she and her team help brands of all shapes and sizes bring their work to life in an increasingly visual world. … Read More

rob levinson on brand

Rob Levinson is a corporate brand strategist and personal brand coach. A Madison Avenue veteran, dot-com survivor, and former Marketing Strategies columnist for the Wall Street Journal online, Rob shared how all of his experiences have shaped how he builds … Read More

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