Organizational Storytelling with Thaler Pekar

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Thaler Pekar is a pioneer in the field of organizational storytelling. Her work helps leaders, employees, and customers connect around shared stories. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Thaler Pekar

Thaler Pekar is a communication pioneer, lauded as one of the world’s leading experts on institutional storytelling. For 18 years, she and her team at Thaler Pekar & Partners have advised visionary leaders worldwide on gaining confidence, insight, and influence.

Episode Highlights

How institutional storytelling works. “It helps to have an equitable leader,” Thaler began, describing how the stories leaders share can connect all levels in an organization.

Small stories can exemplify the brand. Thaler shared a story from her work with retail giant Kiehl’s. “They’re really committed to the idea of hospitality,” she notes. “Finding stories is about learning more about what customers want.”

“People don’t listen because they themselves don’t feel heard.” I had to pause the interview and write this one down! Thaler notes that people are complex and can miss this critical first step — listening.

What brand has made Thaler smile recently? “Barbenheimer!” Thaler and I discussed how this marketing phenomenon was a true story of a “high tide raising all ships.”

To learn more, check out the Thaler Pekar & Partners website.

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