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Because it seems like just about everything has changed over the past two years, it’s oddly comforting when you find something that’s still the same. It’s like discovering a lone flower sprouting out of a scarred battlefield. Just when we … Read More

jac phillips on brand

Jac Phillips has worked across a variety of industries including technology, banking, payments, and retail. Her most recent gig was leading marketing and partnerships at Visa. Throughout all of these roles, Jac’s focus has been constant—ensuring that established brands remain … Read More

rob meyerson on brand

Rob Meyerson is a brand naming expert and author of the new book Brand Naming. And, as I said many times during the episode, “we don’t talk about brand naming enough!” Luckily Rob does and did so for us this … Read More

aidan fitzpatrick on brand

As founder of both Camo and Reincubate, Aidan Fitzpatrick has a history of building values-based brands. Keeping it simple, integrity-focused, and delight-based unites his work in creating a greater connection between brand builders and their tools. We discussed all of … Read More

ken ungar on brand

Ken Ungar is the president of CHARGE, a national sponsorship consulting firm based in Indianapolis. Since 2006, CHARGE has served clients including Honda, Acura, NASCAR, the Los Angeles Dodgers, NBA Players Association, American Motorcyclist Association, and over fifty professional athletes … Read More

It’s pretty normal to feel like your profession is mocked a little too much. Just ask a lawyer or a car salesman. Or a politician. And while there are always a few bad actors who give any line of work … Read More

A startup marketing veteran, Radhika Dutt is the author of the new book Radical Product Thinking. Her experience has taught her that we don’t need more products—we need radical products that create change. Our conversation this week covered everything from … Read More

robert passikoff on brand

As President of Brand Keys, Robert Passikoff has pioneered work in loyalty and emotional brand engagement, creating the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, the Loyalty Leaders List, and the Sports Fan and Fashion Brand Indices. He’s also the author of Predicting … Read More

jason harris on brand

As Co-Founder & CEO of creative agency Mekanism, Jason Harris knows a thing or two about building brands. His goal is to bring the idea of persuasion into the twenty-first century by exploring an approach that gets its strength not … Read More

jesse purewal on brand

As Global Head of Brand at Qualtrics, Jesse Purewal is a leader in brand experience. How can brands build standout experiences? It all comes down to purpose and empathy. This work is also at the heart of Jesse’s Qualtrics-sponsored podcast … Read More

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