If you’re like most marketers, chances are pretty good that you’re utilizing some form of content in your marketing mix. In fact, recent studies from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs show that content marketing is being used by at least 90% of all organizations across sectors — B2C, B2B, and non-profit. However, like all disciplines we work to master, there are always hurdles in your path to better results. Let’s take a look at some of the top content challenges marketers face and how you can overcome them. 

No Content Strategy

Among the key findings in the CMI/MarketingProfs data referenced above is the fact that over 50% of marketers lack a documented content strategy. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and the only way to know what’s right is to meticulous plan your content marketing. What are you trying to do? Who are you trying to reach? A solid strategy addresses all of this.

No Mobile-Friendly Content

As smartphone adoption grows, more content is being consumed via mobile devices. With more than half lacking a coherent content strategy, fewer still address mobile users’ needs with their content. Before you launch your next content initiative, don’t forget to consider the mobile implications. What does your blog post look like on a mobile device? Does your video player work on tablets?

Not Enough Content

Get the smelling salts. As Google’s Eric Schmidt famously noted, every two days we create as much content online as we did from the dawn of civilization up to 2003. Instead of drowning in all of this new content Google’s Zero Moment of Truth data shows us that consumers are now consulting twice as many content sources prior to purchase as they were just a few years ago. What does this mean? As hard as you’re currently working to produce helpful content, it may not be enough.

No Consistent Content Schedule

Most of us tune out when talking heads make the point that the Internet has made everyone a publisher. However, one practice that many brands could stand to borrow from the publishing industry is setting a consistent schedule and editorial calendar. In addition to establishing audience expectations, this also helps develop your own content creation muscles and routine.

No Time to Create Content

We need more content … We need to produce it more regularly … When does all of this get done? Many marketers are burdened with the time it takes to produce even a minimal amount of content. There’s got to be a better way! There is and it lies in activiating your fellow employees in your content creation efforts, reimagining existing content, and utilizing mobile content creation tools such as Instagram and Vine. Content marketing is a huge outlay in time, talent, and treasure. You have to look for efficiencies.

Not Enough Different Forms of Content

As the saying goes, it takes different strokes to move the world, yes it does … Wait. That’s a TV show … It takes different strokes for different folks. Too often marketers forget that different consumers require different forms of content. Don’t get lured into a homogeneous approach to your content. Instead take the time to consider your various audience segments and their unique needs at all stages of your buying cycle. This will help you create diverse content in both short and long forms.

Get Your Content Marketing in Gear

Like social media, content marketing has rapidly shifted from shiny new thing to formidable marketing force. This has left all of us with challenges when it comes to strategy, staffing, and other issues and resources we need to realign. As with any obstacle, these are best addressed head-on. In many cases, establishing a clear content marketing strategy alleviates several of these pain points and provides a solid foundation on which to grow your efforts even further.

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