Nick Westergaard

Nick Westergaard

Today I was thrilled to rollout a new talk at Social Media Explorer’s Explore Minneapolis event. Time, Talent, & Terror: Overcoming the Internal Obstacles to Social Media Adoption drew upon my 10+ years as a “digital change agent” at organizations of all shapes and sizes. From small, entrepreneurial companies to large corporations, non-profit and for-profit, both company-side and agency-side — these obstacles are strikingly similar and usually fall into one of these three categories. 

While some are legitimate concerns requiring specific strategies for educating leadership, others are dated stereotypes — the equivalent of thinking the internet is a “robot that will eat your pills” — which deserve to be debunked. It was a fun talk for many excited attendees looking to rally internal support around their social media efforts.

My slides are below with the usual caveat that without me talking in front of them, they make a little less sense but they do provide a loose outline of what I covered.

During the talk I referenced this great study from Altimeter Group on successful social media teams. Here on my blog you can also find more info on topics I discussed including the danger of farming social media out to interns, why social media managers don’t have to be under 25, and that great Twitter customer service story from some Iowa sandwich hippies.

Did you attend Explore Minneapolis? What was your favorite part? Did you have unanswered questions from my talk? Give a shout in the comments below and we can discuss. Thanks again to Jason Falls and the team at Social Media Explorer for another great event!

Are you interested in having me come speak about the 3 Ts (Time, Talent, & Terror) at your organization or event? If so, contact me and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

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