Content Marketing

The Best Blog Posts I’ve Written

… are usually the ones I almost didn’t write. I’ve been reminded of this a lot recently.

Writing a blog post about Winnie the Pooh and branding seemed a little off. Really? A post where you relate a Disney franchise back to branding? Seems kind of thin. Better not write it … It’s been my second most trafficked post this year. Second behind another one I almost didn’t write.

Who reads blogs on the holidays?!? I thought this past Fourth of July weekend with the holiday looming ahead on Monday, my regularly scheduled post date. As I target marketers during the work week, the logical move would be to hold the post for Tuesday or Wednesday. The only thing is this new ‘Google+’ thing just came out … Maybe I should summarize my early thoughts and get out there ahead of the racket.

And then recently I started writing a second weekly, more casual post series that I call ‘Weekenders’ (you are reading one now). I should probably write a post explaining what these second posts are to keep my audience informed and to help set expectations. Wait — isn’t that kind of meta? Who wants to go ‘behind the scenes’ of this blog? Several of you as it turns out.

As Seth Godin says in Poke the Box (affiliate link), sometimes you just have to ship. This applies especially to content creation. There will always be reasons not to do something. In looking at these recent blogging stories in aggregate, the teaching moment is a reminder to all of us that when you are standing at the fork in the road — when in doubt — you should post away. I know I will now.

Photo via Flickr user DeaPeaJay