Blogging has long been the hub of the social media universe, providing a centralized platform for sharing content across social channels. In recent years, blogging has gotten even more social. Perhaps the greatest convergence of blogging and social media to date is the platform Overblog

Though formally launched in the US this past June at Blogworld, Overblog has been a major blogging player in Europe since its founding in 2004. In ramping up for their stateside push, the platform underwent a total over-haul positioning it not only as a powerful blogging platform but as a social content curation site. By aggregating updates from connected social channels alongside blog content, they’ve created a singular destination for both individuals and brands. The result is a dynamic “new media brand hybrid” which is garnering praise from industry experts such as Robert Scoble and David Armano.

Among their US launch activities is sponsorship of the Social Brand Forum, October 17–18 at the Iowa River Landing in Coralville. Overblog co-founder and COO Frederic Montagnon was kind enough to take a few moments and give us an overview of this exciting platform before the event.

Thanks Fred! Again, Fred and the Overblog team will be on-hand at the Social Brand Forum for demos and to take your questions about the platform. In the meantime, Overblog is open for you to create an account and play around. It’s a lot of fun. Here’s a quick Overblog page I put together in case you’re curious.

Do you still need to register for the Social Brand Forum? Head over to to do that now.