How Work Works: Slides & Images from #Inbound13

Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking at Inbound 2013, Hubspot’s annual marketing conference in Boston. As part of their Bold Talks series speakers such as John Jantsch, Mitch Joel, Ann Handley, Chris Penn, and other industry thought leaders were encouraged to share a passionate story from outside of the realm of marketing. For my Bold Talk, I chose to examine the past year’s worth of crazy smart guests DJ Waldow and I have had the pleasure of interviewing on The Work Talk Show.

My talk was called “How Work Works” and was framed in the context that, as my wife and I both home office with five kids, I need a master class in how to get work done as much as anyone. With a year and nearly 50 episodes in the can, we’ve started to observe several trends, tips, and traps from the world of work that I thought it’d be fun to share.

Speaking of sharing, here are my slides from the event.

And here’s a cool visualization of my talk from graphic recorder/sketchnoter Kelly Kingman.


Big thanks to Laura Fitton for organizing and hosting the Bold Talks and to Hubspot for having me! Laura will be joining us this fall at the Iowa River Landing for the Social Brand Forum, which Hubspot is also sponsoring.

Speaking of speaking, if you’d like to have me speak at your next event, please feel free to contact me.