Ideas for Giving Thanks

It’s not too late, you know. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, in addition to your family and friends, don’t forget those that your business is most thankful for as well. Beyond your customers and community, be sure to extend thanks to your leads, prospects, partners, collaborators, and co-workers. 

Again, I said It’s not too late to say thanks but how can you really go about doing this right now? Here are a few ideas you can quickly execute before carving the turkey.

Digital Thanks

Regardless of the time of year, saying a simple thank you is a great way to spark small moments of awesome among your online community. Consider the following:

  • Social – The quickest and easiest way to say thanks to those around you is via a simple Facebook status update or tweet. Don’t forget your secondary networks like Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. Get creative with the latter two by finding a way to visualize your thanks.
  • Email — Remember, an individual’s email inbox is still the most preferred form of digital communication. Even if you didn’t design a graphically rich, HTML email you can still get something out. Sometimes a simple text or light HTML message presents a laid-back feel appropriate for earnest, holiday correspondence. Often, you can get something like this launched all by yourself.
  • Video — One way to add a more personal touch to your message is to say it yourself via video. A no-frills approach can be both easy to execute and personal all at the same time. Just switch on your iSight camera and speak from the heart.

Analog Thanks

Going old-school with your thank you message can be both easy and impactful. A quick handwritten note on stationary is a great way of reminding those around you and your business what they mean to you.

As you look at this on turkey day you may be asking yourself how you could get something handwritten out today? Here’s an idea — Write a handwritten note and take a photo of it that you can text or email to the recipient. In the end, this provides a nice digital/analog hybrid touch point and great visual content for Pinterest and Instagram.

Finally, it would be a huge oversight for me to not say thanks to you. As a reader of this blog, you are my compass and you have my sincerest thanks for the time you spend here each week. I hope you find our conversations as valuable as I do.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!