Digital Marketing

Hot Tip: The Lowdown on Email Subject Lines

As an email marketer, I’ve been known to spend a substantial amount of time crafting the perfect subject line. It’s a big deal. It effects open rates. It’s a split second you have to capture your recipient. It’s like having a good teaser on the outside of your direct mail package.

No surprise yet, right … Well, recently I conducted an experiment on carrying this practice over to my internal emails to clients and co-workers. Rather than typing ‘Question’ or ‘Project Update’ or ‘Re: The Twelve Previous Emails We’ve Exchanged’ in the subject line, I starting taking a couple of seconds to craft a zinger. ‘Cause who doesn’t feel like they send their emails out into cyberspace and into a co-worker’s overflowing mailbox. In theory, if you want attention from a client or colleague shouldn’t you employ the same tactics as the rest of the noise?

The results? No surprise here either. My own internal email response rate went through the roof when I go with a quirky subject line from left field like ‘Fuel for Your Fire’ or ‘Caution: Low Ceiling’ or ‘You Can Thank Me Later.’

The Point? Am I crazy. Well, hell yes but I’m a crazy person who people respond to.