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I’m going to attempt to write one of those bold, opinionated posts that hopefully inspires you to take swift action. Ready? Here goes. If you hide your phone number online, you are telling your customers that they don’t matter.


I’ll admit it. Selfies aren’t my favorite thing in the world. Plus we all have that one friend, right? The one who over shares a selfie every day that looks similar to the one shared yesterday. And yet, I recently … Read More

Why Hashtags Matter

June 20, 2013


Recently the Internet has been abuzz with the announcement that Facebook will soon be adopting Twitter’s signature hashtag feature. Already embraced by networks such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+, many see this as a big development and a statement on … Read More

trade show social media

Guest post by Andrew Brusnahan, a freelance writer who works with companies like IconicDisplays to gain additional exposure through content on the social web. Over the past few decades, the face of marketing has changed; moving from being a primarily … Read More

Why Should We Follow You?

February 25, 2013

why should we follow you

With a nod to Jim Collins, I often talk about what takes a social media program from “good to great.” One such area that differentiates a base hit and a home run is how you integrate and promote social media … Read More

Boasting one new user a second, it’s safe to say that Instagram — in the words of Ron Burgundy — is “kind of a big deal.” The network is on target to reach 100 million users just two years after … Read More

Speaking at conferences and events is an incredible opportunity to build thought leadership and authority for your brand. Whether you know it or not, speaking is one of the oldest forms of social media. 

Westergaard Advertising is proud to be a sponsor of the Iowa City Twestival (Twitter + festival). This is a local “tweet-up” that is part of a global initiative harnessing the power of the Twitter community to raise money for Charity:Water … Read More

Check out this photo that I snapped while in line at Panchero’s a few minutes ago. Too often people create the obligatory Facebook fan page or start Twittering for their business and then totally forget to promote this new channel … Read More

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