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CBS Sunday Morning had a great cover story this morning that seemed to effectively encapsulate the state of the advertising business today. “Cutting Through Advertising Clutter”touches upon the “usual suspect” topics of the death of the TV industrial complex, the … Read More


September 10, 2006

Is this an awesome example of true business acumen or am I just falling for Ford’s spin? As everyone knows, last Tuesday Bill Ford Jr. stepped down as CEO of the troubled automaker. (Quick aside: I can’t take credit for … Read More

Those of you who know me personally, know I love rage-comic Lewis Black. Those of you who read this blog frequently know that I also love good customer service. So what a treat I got this week when I received … Read More

You should. I could list of all the reasons but instead I’ll further propagate the blogosphere by sending you to a great post by Janine Popick, President/CEO and founder of Vertical Response (my email service provider of choice) where she … Read More

Or is it all in the eye of the beholder? I had a philosophical discussion with a co-worker today about a Chinese restaurant menu that got shoved under everyone’s windshield wipers in the parking lot. I cited it as a … Read More

Story time at the WesterBlog. Gather ’round … I run. Not real well but I run nonetheless. On Wednesdays I run with a group of triathalonians and ironmen. It’s something of a brutal self abuse regimen. I run because I … Read More

Seth Godin makes a great point about receptionists. It pays to make every step of a customer’s experience remarkable. Receptionists are your advance team who make impressions on your clients very early in the sales process. Sometimes this interaction is … Read More

Virtual Ad Space

July 13, 2006

Want to reach the gamer audience? Microsoft-owned Massive Incorporated has it figured out: sell ad space in the virtual universes of video games. The above screenshot from the game “Anarchy Online” illustrates the point beautifully. If you’re promoting Batman Begins, … Read More

Words on Work

June 2, 2006

Recently I got an info kit from the ad agency Energy BBDO. In the prospectus it contained a remarkable bit of copy that sums up the value of creating advertising for a client and I can’t get it out of … Read More

I can’t remember what movie recently featured the tagline ‘everything is connected’ but I’m co-opting it here to make my point about how you can spread your ideas incrementally across media. Take these three commonly used marketing pieces: Email newsletter … Read More

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