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rob levinson on brand

Rob Levinson is a corporate brand strategist and personal brand coach. A Madison Avenue veteran, dot-com survivor, and former Marketing Strategies columnist for the Wall Street Journal online, Rob shared how all of his experiences have shaped how he builds … Read More

Cindy McGovern is the founder of Orange Leaf Consulting and author of the new book Sell Yourself, which helps people create authentic personal brands that they can live day in and day out. We discussed how to do this work and … Read More

dorie clark on brand

Dorie Clark has been named one of the Top 50 business thinkers in the world by Thinkers50. In addition to being a consultant for brands like Google and Microsoft, Dorie teaches at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Columbia … Read More

scott bartnick on brand

Scott Bartnick is an internationally renowned eCommerce and media expert and co-founder of OtterPR. Through their innovative strategies, OtterPR helps clients—both business leaders and brands—get meaningful media coverage. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On … Read More

ken ungar on brand

Ken Ungar is the president of CHARGE, a national sponsorship consulting firm based in Indianapolis. Since 2006, CHARGE has served clients including Honda, Acura, NASCAR, the Los Angeles Dodgers, NBA Players Association, American Motorcyclist Association, and over fifty professional athletes … Read More

lydia pierre on brand

As we kick off the New Year, many are looking to build their own personal brand. Lydia Pierre is a branding coach and consultant. A self-branded “Corporate Socialite” who believes that business should be fun, we had a blast talking … Read More

laura bull on brand

“The person is a product themselves—regardless of what they’re selling.” As one of the youngest executives in the history of Sony Music Entertainment, Laura Bull worked to transform people into powerful platforms. Now she consults and teaches these lessons, which are also featured in her new book From Individual to Empire. We discussed all of this and more, this week on the On Brand podcast. Read More

david lemley on brand

“The brand has changed from goods and services to a building block of personal identity.” David Lemley knows this first hand. Twenty years ago he led the team that helped Starbucks grow from a boutique coffee shop to a brand … Read More

james ontra on brand

“Presentations are valuable content.” And yet, they often go underutilized. More challenging still, these prominent content delivery systems aren’t branded consistently. Enter James Ontra. Author of the book Presentation Management and Co-Founder and CEO of Shufflrr, James joined me this … Read More

“Hold off until you have something to write home about.” As a podcaster and branding thought leader, Case Kenny offered insights on personal branding that many miss. Namely focus — both on your brand credentials as well as the right … Read More

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