Building Your Personal Brand in the New Year with Lydia Pierre

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As we kick off the New Year, many are looking to build their own personal brand. Lydia Pierre is a branding coach and consultant. A self-branded “Corporate Socialite” who believes that business should be fun, we had a blast talking about personal branding, brand ambassadors, and—(da-da-dum!)—imposter syndrome! Enjoy and have a Happy New Year!

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About Lydia Pierre

Lydia Pierre is a branding coach and consultant who provides services aimed at empowering entrepreneurs with skills and strategies to reach new levels of leadership. Her niche market is Executives, whom she counsels through the process of maintaining, improving, and upholding their reputation right where they are as they build their brand. She does this by developing, implementing, and executing strategic solutions that help to ensure a smooth transition to entrepreneurship for the executive, allowing their brand to remain favorable to their current audience as well as potential customers.

Episode Highlights & Takeaways

Where do you start with personal branding? “You have to start by taking a look at yourself—taking a look inside.”

Lydia’s definition of a branding crisis? “What you do when you don’t like what you see in the mirror.” In short, this means you’re not being authentic.

“Sometimes the unknown is the best thing that can happen for a brand.” While many fear the uncertainty of everything from industry shifts to personal brand pivots, Lydia reminds us that change and the unknown can lead to innovation.

What brand has made Lydia smile recently? “It’s not going to be a serious one,” Lydia warned before sharing that she loves the unique bags from Teflar Global. “To hear their story and how they got to this point is amazing.”

To learn more about Lydia, go to Pierre Branding Group and check out the Corporate Socialite website.

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