Brand Strategy Episodes

bre rossetti on brand

Bre Rossetti is Chief Strategy Officer at Arnold. Her work involves overseeing the integrated strategy offering at the agency for brands like Puma, Fidelity, McDonald’s, and Progressive Insurance.  We discussed all of this and more this week on the On … Read More

kathy galloway on brand

With 20 years of CPG experience, Kathy Guzmán Galloway has become known as the “The Clarity Wizard.” Her work for brands like Nature Made, REI, and Lay’s helps organizations transform data into strategy and action. We discussed all of this … Read More

aisea laungaue on brand

Aisea Laungaue is a Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at Anomaly LA. Throughout his global career, his work has sat at the intersection of marketing and entertainment for brands ranging from boy bands to whiskey brands. We discussed all of … Read More

thomas mustac on brand

Thomas Mustac is Otter PRr’s medical and health industry PR specialist. His work helps brands in these complex industries navigate issues including — and especially — crisis communication. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On … Read More

micky ogando on brand

Micky Ogando is the founder and principal of creative agency Bakery. Their unique product-led process, cultural expertise, and creative storytelling have helped brands including Nike, DeLorean Motors, Diageo, Kellogg’s, Shiner Brewery, and Acadia Health. We discussed all of this and more this … Read More

jenny stiven on brand

Jenny Stiven is the founder of Clio Consulting, working as a geek influencer with properties like Star Wars, James Bond, Predator, Aliens, and more. She helps clients #spendthetime with fan communities through social and digital media and (gasp!) in-person events. … Read More

matt johnson on brand

Matt Johnson is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at award-winning creative shop HAYMAKER. Throughout his career, Matt has helped build iconic brand such as adidas, The Truth Initiative, Powerade, King’s Hawaiian, 23andMe, MillerCoors, ESPN, Instagram, and Microsoft. We discussed … Read More

kate rush sheehy on brand

Kate Rush Sheehy is Senior Vice President, Strategy & Insights at GSD&M, an Austin-based agency supporting brands like CapitalOne, Pizza Hut, Southwest Airlines, and Universal. Kate’s work helps lead clients in new exciting new directions anchored by strategic insights. We … Read More

mia blume on brand

Mia Blume is a creative leadership coach with experience at Pinterest, Square, and IDEO. In 2016, she started Design Dept. to help creative leaders transform how they work. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On … Read More

allen adamson on brand

Allen Adamson is the author of the new book Seeing the How: Achieving Market Advantage by Transforming the Stuff We Do, Not the Stuff We Buy. He’s the author of several other books on all things branding and the co-founder … Read More

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