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Mixed Up in a Good Way

October 28, 2009

Last week I had the privilege of attending MarketingProfs’ Digital Mixer in Chicago. For two solid days I enjoyed sessions and keynotes from some of the brightest stars in the digital marketing universe. Just Google the conference and you can … Read More

Years ago I worked for a small educational publishing company. As I sat down to begin work on what would ultimately be the first of my two complete overhauls of the company’s website, I remarked to a colleague that this … Read More

It started out seemingly harmless. I was sitting outside on our deck, unwinding over the Memorial Day weekend with the new, re-designed Newsweek (BTW — cool content and layout changes – props to Meacham and co). As I leisurely thumbed … Read More

Today Business Week had a great article on the success of the tried and true email newsletter. While definitely not the sexiest form of new media (nor the newest), many of our clients see continued success with email newsletters. Here … Read More

As an email marketer, I’ve been known to spend a substantial amount of time crafting the perfect subject line. It’s a big deal. It effects open rates. It’s a split second you have to capture your recipient. It’s like having … Read More

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Jacey Wilkins, National Institute of Metalworking Skills

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