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prentice howe on brand

“A challenger brand is defined by an ethos — a mindset. They have ambitions that outweigh their internal marketing resources. They have to outthink. They can’t outspend.” So how do you punch above your weight class? We talked about this … Read More

lorraine barber miller on brand

“It’s not a marketing veneer. It’s not a marketing campaign. It’s embedded in our values, our behaviors, and how we show up in the world.” Rebranding is a challenge many struggle with. But what if you’re a 70-year old category … Read More

alain sylvain on brand

“People tend to see strategy and design as two separate things.” As the founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs, Alain Sylvain sits at the intersection of strategy and design. We discussed this including several examples of design thinking at work … Read More

steve woodruff on brand

“We’re more and more distracted today. There’s more and more noise. What hasn’t increased is attention.” In our noisy, distracted world, it’s harder than ever to get our audience’s attention — to say nothing of making sure that they remember … Read More

jeremy dale on brand

“Marketing is the balance of the irrational and the rational.” Someone that would utter this truth would naturally have some ideas that are out of the box. Drawing on his career at Microsoft and Motorola, Jeremy Dale has gathered stories … Read More

kate boyd on brand

“I joke that I’m good at impressions — you have to do voices.” Why would a marketer need to be good at doing impressions? As founder of Cobblestone Creative Co, Kate Boyd uses this skill to help mirror the voices … Read More

jon kolko on brand

“Many have seen a TED talk about design thinking but they don’t know what’s next — what it looks like.” This week on the On Brand podcast we unpacked design thinking, magical experiences, Nordic design, and how to criticize creative … Read More

al hussain

“The CMO for a medium-sized brand is responsible for more words than the editor of a newspaper.” Words matter. And, to this very point, there are a lot of them in the crowded, digital world we find ourselves in. How … Read More

kaye putnam

“The confused mind doesn’t buy.” As a psychology major — I know enough to be dangerous — I couldn’t wait to talk with Kaye Putnam. A psychology-driven brand strategist, she works with entrepreneurs from startup to high-growth. Creating a standout … Read More

laura ries on brand

“The tactics have changed but the strategy of owning and building a brand hasn’t.” Laura Ries can share first hand how branding has stood the test of time. “It’s why some rise and others don’t — it’s the brand.” Together … Read More

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