Inside ADP’s First-Ever Rebranding with CMO Lorraine Barber-Miller

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“It’s not a marketing veneer. It’s not a marketing campaign. It’s embedded in our values, our behaviors, and how we show up in the world.” Rebranding is a challenge many struggle with. But what if you’re a 70-year old category creator like ADP? This week on the On Brand podcast, I was joined by ADP Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lorraine Barber-Miller who took us behind the scenes of their first rebrand in the company’s storied history.

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About Lorraine Barber-Miller

Lorraine Barber-Miller is an accomplished global Chief Marketing Officer recognized for building businesses and delivering exceptional financial results in both Mature and Growth Markets. Having advanced through the marketing, sales, and communications disciplines both domestically and internationally, she has led marketing transformation and entrepreneurial business building in over 100 countries globally.

Currently as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for ADP, Lorraine has global end-to-end functional and financial accountability. In this comprehensive capacity, she is responsible for full client acquisition and lifecycle marketing through all channels including digital, direct sales, inside sales, alliance partners and third-parties across all products, client segments and markets. She is also personally leading the first global reinvention of ADP’s brand in its 70-year history.

Episode Highlights

How did ADP tackle a rebrand this big? “For a rebrand to take hold, it has to be in the hearts and minds of our people. We involved all 58,000 associates. It started a beautiful conversation.” Lorraine shared how their new #WhatAreYouWorkingFor messaging “brings to life what’ve always known” about the ADP brand.

“Character is behavior and behavior is culture. And culture is brand. Our associates are our best brand ambassadors.” This doesn’t happen overnight. Lorraine laid out their three-stage employee implementation process built on education, inspiration, and reinforcement.

How did ADP bring this transformation to life? “We showed up at new and unexpected places like SXSW.” Lorraine shared their innovative smash-room activation as part of the event’s future world-of-work track.

“We need to be brave. We need to be bold.” Lorraine shared why these values were key to ADP. “We could have remained a utility but we aspired to be a category of one.” That requires bravery.

What brand has made Lorraine smile recently? “Channel — they’re enduring and consistent. That goes back to founder Coco Channel.” The focus on being chosen, wanted, and being.

To learn more, connect with Lorraine on LinkedIn.

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