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nancie mcdowell ruder on brand

“Leading with the who is something people want to jump right past.” No, my guest this week wasn’t talking about the band The Who. We were talking about why it’s so important to start with the customer—the who—in mind. This … Read More

darren coleman on brand

“Building a brand is everyone’s job and it’s challenging. It can feel like moving a mammoth.” As the Founder and Managing Consultant at Wavelength Marketing, Darren Coleman helps brands throughout the world like Johnson & Johnson and Pepsi build standout … Read More

kieran flanagan on brand

“One of the thing’s that’s hardest to do is continue to grow.” As Vice President of Marketing and Growth at Hubspot, Kieran Flanagan has helped the inbound marketing giant do just that. He’s responsible for managing all of HubSpot’s global … Read More

steven denekas on brand

“Experiences bring brand values to life.” As leader of the creative team at BASIC, Steven Denekas spends his time crating experiences for brands like Canadian Club, Levi’s, and Dodge. As a designer, he brings a thoughtful process to everything he … Read More

jeff rohrs on brand

“Consumers deserve perfect info about businesses everywhere. We can all agree on that.” Going out of the gate, Jeff Rohrs reminded us of what’s at stake with all of the information about businesses online. As Chief Marketing Officer at Yext, … Read More

“If you don’t care about having a lifelong relationship with your customers then keep doing what you’re doing.” But if you want to understand the customer journey and build that relationship, you have to understand the data behind it. Kevin … Read More

mario natarelli on brand podcast

“Brands aren’t logos or static concepts. They’re value systems.” Mario Natarelli has branded everything. From Fortune 500 companies to entire countries. Regardless of how different the individual clients may be, the frameworks remain the same. Author and brand strategist Natarelli … Read More

jon kolko on brand

“Many have seen a TED talk about design thinking but they don’t know what’s next — what it looks like.” This week on the On Brand podcast we unpacked design thinking, magical experiences, Nordic design, and how to criticize creative … Read More

justin wartell on brand

“Experience is the residue brands leave with people after the product’s gone.” Justin Wartell of Monigle knows a thing or two about brand experience. In working with brands as diverse as FedEx, Quiznos, Mass General, and the Denver Broncos, this … Read More

barry kirk on brand

“Consumers are human beings first.” Duh. Who needs to be reminded of this? I mean, we’ve got our big data, customer analytics, loyalty metrics, key performance indicators, demographics, psychographic profiles, and … Oh yeah. That’s why we need to be … Read More

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