Why Data Is Critical to Building Customer Loyalty with Kevin Dean

“If you don’t care about having a lifelong relationship with your customers then keep doing what you’re doing.” But if you want to understand the customer journey and build that relationship, you have to understand the data behind it. Kevin Dean is President of Marketing Services at Experian. He joined me this week on the On Brand podcast for a discussion about how data and systems driven brand loyalty. Enjoy!

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About Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean is Experian’s President of Marketing Services for North America, the primary data, identity linkage, and audience activation partner in the advertising industry today. Dean joined Experian in 2011 as Senior Vice President, Global Product Management. Prior to joining Experian, Dean spent ten years in leadership roles at Equifax and previously he served as Director of Marketing at Cendant and Marketing Manager at Vita-Mix Corporation. Kevin received his MBA from the University of Akron and holds a BA in History also from the University of Akron.

Episode Highlights

Getting stated with brand-driven data. The focus of experiences data services for brands comes down to three key categories: “Identity, data, and distribution. They are ubiquitous across all devices.”

Is data management harder or easier today? “I’d say it’s more challenging today. But we’ve really become masters of identity resolution. It used to be all centered around postal identity. Now you have IP address, email and social identity.”

What is the number-one factor that leads to organizations upping their data game? “It’s critical if you want to have a lifelong relationship with your customer. CMOs today are very self aware. They want to understand the consumer journey. It’s a very data-driven role with data-driven conversations.”

What brand has made Kevin smile recently? Brace yourselves — this answer is a little shocking. Kevin shared a story about an airline that made him smile. No foolin.’ Kevin had a pretty remarkable experience with United on an international flight that could give us all something to smile about.

To learn more, check out the Experian website.

As We Wrap …

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