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“One of the thing’s that’s hardest to do is continue to grow.” As Vice President of Marketing and Growth at Hubspot, Kieran Flanagan has helped the inbound marketing giant do just that. He’s responsible for managing all of HubSpot’s global demand, acquisition of new users, monetization of freemium funnels, and leading the global marketing team. We discussed all of this and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Kieran Flanagan

Kieran Flanagan is the VP of Marketing & Growth at HubSpot, and has helped add millions in additional traffic, users, and revenue to their bottom line. He’s responsible for managing all of HubSpot’s global demand, acquisition of new users, monetizing freemium funnels, and leading the global marketing team. Previously, Kieran served as Marketing Manager at Marketo and Salesforce, and launched the first inbound marketing campaign ever for Salesforce, which accomplished 70% of their annual traffic in just three weeks. Kieran is also an author, speaker, startup advisor, and hosts The Growth TL;DR Podcast every week.

Kieran’s expertise is in generating additional traffic and improving conversion rates across multiple digital channels. He has a track record of helping brands 7x their organic traffic in under six months, and running experiments that double revenue and add millions of dollars in additional ARR.

Kieran’s years of innovation and leadership in marketing has made him one of the industry’s most sought after speakers. He has traveled the world sharing his strategies for growth and content at over 50 marketing conferences (and counting). As the host of The Growth TL;DR podcast, Kieran and his guests share the growth secrets behind some of the fastest growing companies on the planet.

Episode Highlights

Hubspot’s Hearts-and-Minds Strategy. “Customers have never had this much choice — especially when it comes to software. Mind Content is for search.” It helps customers by “teaching them how to be better marketers. Heart Content is key because, “in a crowded market with competition, it’s important that brands have a point of view.”

Quality vs. quantity. It’s a conversation marketers love to have. However, as Kieran notes, it’s really not an“either or” situation. It’s “both and.” It can be a quantity game, “if the quantity is right for you — if the return is good.”

What brand has made Kieran smile recently? Burger King! “I don’t buy their products but I love their marketing,” Kieran said, noting their innovative approach to both talking about their competition and leveraging local search and AI.

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