Why Your Content Strategy Is Only As Good as Your Brand Strategy

“The companies that don’t have a good strategy around their content usually don’t have a good strategy around their brand either.” Creating an engaging content experience is one of the most effective branding tools marketers can employ today. However, it’s also one of the hardest times to create content that stands out. That’s why Yoav Schwartz co-founded Uberflip — to take control and better leverage the content marketing experience. We talked about all of this on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Yoav Schwartz

Yoav Schwartz is the CEO and co-founder of Uberflip, a platform for marketers to create, manage, and optimize content experiences, so that content can be fully leveraged by all company stakeholders at every stage of the buyer journey.

With a Computer Science degree from the University of Western Ontario, Yoav is a unique combination of a creative and analytical thinker. For over a decade, he has combined his love of technology with his inherent talent for product and design, showing that he knows what customers want — often even before they do.

After the success of Flipbooks, Uberflip’s debut product, Yoav realized that there was a major gap in the content marketing space. Too much fragmentation, little control over the content experience and a complete lack of insight into what was working led him and his team to create Uberflip Hubs.

Dynamic speaker, product architect, thought leader and amateur musician, Yoav truly believes in the power of delightful products and engaging content. In his spare time, Yoav likes to kick back with one of his guitars in hand.

Episode Highlights

Yoav has a unique role when it comes to branding. He’s helped found a brand and he also helps organizations build better brands online through Uberflip. “The great thing is that we can leverage our own company as a success story.”

“What does ‘brand’ mean to us? It’s about personality. It’s tied to the personas of those that we serve. It’s also content marketing 101 — know who you’re speaking to. Consistent personality and voice is key to brand building and content marketing.”

Just creating content isn’t enough anymore. “There’s a stat out there that says that 90% of all content created goes unused. You have to create content that stands out. Standing out is probably the hardest thing we do. It used to be easy — you bought a billboard and got great awareness. Now you have to think through your entire content marketing experience.”

Why you need to grade your stack. The fact that most marketers ignore experience is one of the reasons why Yoav and Uberflip created GradeMyStack.com. This useful online tool teaches marketers about the four pillars of content while also providing a letter grade and beautiful report on content performance.

What’s one thing Yoav would tell brand builders today? “Too many (who are) building brands today look at themselves instead of their future customers.” It’s not about you. It’s about them. And don’t get bogged down if you’re a B2B marketer. “There’s ample opportunity to steal what B2C brands are doing and apply our B2B science and insights to it.”

What brand has made Yoav smile recently? Apple. Here’s another perfect example of a B2C company with ideas (like holiday emails) that we can drop into our B2B marketing.

To learn more you can follow Yoav on Twitter and check out the Uberflip website.

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