What’s the Difference Between a Retweet and a Quoted Tweet?


This week on Social Brand Chat presented by KXIC we discussed a question from a recent social media workshop, “What’s the difference between a retweet and a quoted tweet?” With RTs, MTs, HTs, quoted tweets, mentions, and more, Twitter has a language of its own. What does all of this mean for your brand and how you engage? Let’s chat about this.

Twitter continues to play a growing role in how brands are built, how information is shared, and how purchases are made. And yet this social network remains among the most misunderstood by brands of all shapes and sizes. For example, what’s the difference between a retweet and quoted tweet? It’s really pretty simple. A retweet re-sends a tweet you’ve selected — as is — to your followers. While retweeting is faster, quoting a tweet allows you to add your comments and even modify the tweet (MT) if you chose. Listen to the show to hear the rest.

For this week’s social media news we talked about the launch of our 2015 Event Series including Social Brand Forum 2015, Digital Strategy Boot Camp, and Twitter Brand Basics. You can learn more and register for all of these right here.

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