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“When you used to think about branding, you’d be thinking about advertising. Now it’s about building trust.” This week on the On Brand podcast, I welcomed back Aimee Irwin from Experian Marketing Services. Since we last spoke way back in 2019, the world has been dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. As a result, consumer behavior has changed in ways marketers need to know about. Aimee breaks it down this week on the show. Enjoy!

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About Aimee Irwin

Aimee Irwin serves as VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Experian Marketing Services. Aimee is a skilled strategy and corporate development executive with deep experience in digital marketing and advertising and track record of success in developing and building profitable new digital and mobile businesses at both early-stage and public companies. Aimee led strategic partnerships and strategic initiatives for Nielsen’s Marketing Cloud where she negotiated and managed strategic data and identity management partnerships supporting Nielsen’s data targeting and marketing effectiveness businesses.

Aimee also served as SVP of Strategy and Partnerships at Verve Mobile, a leading location-based mobile advertising platform. At Verve, Aimee developed and led Verve’s mobile application business and inventory partnerships with hundreds of media companies. Prior to Verve, Aimee was VP of Strategy and Corporate Development at AOL, where she was responsible for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic partnerships for AOL’s advertising businesses. Previously, Aimee held executive positions at several successful internet and mobile companies including Lightningcast, an Internet video advertising company now part of AOL, Leap Wireless, a large U.S. wireless carrier and Backwire, an internet and mobile marketing company acquired by Leap. Aimee started her career in consulting with KPMG and Bain and Company. Aimee has a BS from Georgetown University and an MBA from Kellogg.

Episode Highlights

How can brands build trust for consumers impacted by COVID-19? “The consumer has to be at the heart of your strategy. There has to be an appropriate value exchange that happens there in terms of the data collected and consumer control.”

What are some examples of brands using smart data? Aimee joked that Amazon is a great example but isn’t a great case study as they “collect lots of data from their customers through several interactions.” She then went on to highlight some innovative things Nordstrom and DSW are doing.

What’s one thing marketers can do right now to move the needle? Once again, Aimee reminded us all to develop customer-focused strategies.

What brand has made Aimee smile recently? She shared a story about how something as simple as a gift card in the mail from American Express made her day. The little things matter.

To learn more, go to Audiences @ Experian Marketing Services.

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