The Secret Sauce of Branding with Kerrie Finch

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“The secret sauce of brands is purpose.” In a career that’s taken her from wrangling brands at Wieden+Kennedy to launching her own successful global PR shop, futurefactor, Kerrie Finch has spent her career helping brands share their stories with the world. We discussed all of this and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Kerrie Finch

Prior to founding futurefactor (formerly FinchFactor) in 2009, Kerrie Finch was PR Director at Wieden+Kennedy. There she wrangled brands such as Nike and Heineken, Coca-Cola and Electronic Arts. Kerrie has been voted into Adformatie magazine’s top ten industry influencers for the past three years. As Founding Partner & President of futurefactor, Kerrie continues to drive change in the industry, while advancing her work as the Netherlands representative for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, board member of the ADCN, advisory board member of IncludeNow, and the founder of SheSays Amsterdam.

Episode Highlights

Kerrie Finch, Professional Brand Wrangler. As Kerrie jokingly noted at the top of the show, working with big brands can be “a bit like herding kittens.”

What’s changed in the decade since Kerrie founded futurefactor? “Social media is here to stay.” But what does that mean? First, Kerrie notes that brands are “always on” and “being watched.” And not everyone is ready for the authenticity this requires.

“We’re awash with channels.” It’s not just about perfectly crafting the right message for the right audience. It’s also about finding the right place for that message to go. “We work to add positive value to the conversation for our clients.”

What brand has made Kerrie smile recently? “Believe it or not, Peloton.” In the wake of their awkward holiday ad, Kerrie broke down why this brand will probably be back in the New Year. “They have fans. They have a community.”

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