The Market Disruptor’s Dilemma with Olivia Mariani

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As VP of Marketing at Curbio, Olivia Mariani leads is responsible for everything from brand to demand for the “fix first, pay later” PropTech leader. This week on the On Brand podcast, Olivia joined us to discuss the disruptor’s dilemma—creating and communicating the market for innovative new products—as well as storytelling and immersive content.

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About Olivia Mariani

Olivia Mariani is a marketing executive with a proven track record of driving bottom-line business results for companies of all sizes, with an emphasis on serving the Software as a Service industry. Olivia brings a breadth of marketing experience to the table, including demand generation, brand management, marketing operations, product marketing, digital, partner, and customer advocacy.

Olivia’s approach combines art (creative strategies) science (actionable data), collaborative planning (leadership style), and storytelling (incredible content) to create authentic brand experiences that drive revenue. Her marketing motto is to create a brand that taps into both the hearts and minds of its audience. Currently, she is the head of Marketing at Curbio, a venture-backed PropTech company experiencing rapid growth and quickly becoming the nation’s leading home improvement solution for real estate agents and their clients.

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Episode Highlights

The market disruptor’s dilemma. So, you’ve got an innovative new product … That’s great! However, often you have the unique challenge of having to communicate a new idea that customers aren’t aware of yet. Sometimes it’s a new type of business or even a new industry. Olivia shared how she’s worked to do just that with Curbio.

“Home improvement sucks right now.” That’s why there’s Curbio! That said, even when customers learn what it is (the nation’s leading fix-it-first, pay-when-you-sell home improvement solution for those selling homes), they still don’t believe it. “People are always saying it’s too good to be true.”

Storytelling and the voice of the customer. Olivia’s work focuses heavily on storytelling and the voice of the customer. All of this came together on Curbio’s recent “Do we have to?” campaign.

What brand has made Olivia smile recently? Olivia shared her amazing experiences with Outdoor Voices, an Austin-based athleisure brand.

To learn more, check out the Curibo website.

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