The Importance of Imperfect Action with Ashley Shuler

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“There’s a shift that’s taking place that’s requiring a response. Now people are saying—action.” Ashley Shuler is a business strategist who helps busy solopreneurs operate their businesses efficiently and effectively. Recently, she replied to one of my ICYMI email newsletters on how brands need to do better on race. We discussed this along with productivity and missed brand touchpoints, this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Ashley Shuler

Ashley Shuler doesn’t believe in quick fixes and seeks to create the transformative solutions for busy solopreneurs so they can operate more efficiently in their business. Her superpower is the ability to take big picture ideas and create business systems and recipes so entrepreneurs can generate leads, increase productivity, and enhance their client experience. Ashley is the Chief Strategist of Shuler Strategies Group where she offers two signature services: the client engagement experience and online virtual summit intensive. The Client Engagement Experience intensive is a system that bridges the gap between the discovery call, client onboarding, and client offboarding processes. The Online Virtual Summit intensive provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to build authority in their industry, generate leads, and create brand awareness for their products and services.

Originally from Northern Virginia, Ashley holds a BA in Government from The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and graduated from George Mason University, School of Public Policy. She is a certified Project Manager and volunteers in her local community.

Episode Highlights

In the face of COVID-19, solopreneurs are busier than they’ve ever been. What do we do now? Ashley advises people to start with a routine and schedule. “Time is one of your most precious assets—we can’t get it back.”

Recently, Ashley emailed me … As a brand myself, I made brands needing to do more on race the focus of my email newsletter. Ashley took the time to reply and we began a conversation on this challenging moment and how businesses need to at least start the difficult work of navigating it. “It won’t all look the same,” Ashley noted. “There’s a shift that’s taking place that’s requiring a response. Now people are saying action.”

What should you do in the next five minutes? As Tom Peters said on this podast, excellence is the best short-term strategy. I asked Ashley what you should do in the five minutes after this show … “Think big. Taking imperfect action is where the magic happens.” Amen.

What brand has made Ashley smile recently? Ashley came prepared with not one but two brands. First, she pointed to Michelle Obama and the unique brand she’s built around “women’s empowerment” that runs through her book, talks, tour, and Netflix documentary. Ashley’s second smile was the “Share the Mic” event where successful white women shared their platforms, giving voice to women of color.

To learn more, connect with Ashley on Instagram.

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