The Art of Personal Branding with Bryan Kramer

bryan kramer

“Pick one or two things instead of trying to do everything.” As a leading social media influencer, Silicon Valley CEO, and TED speaker, Bryan Kramer knows a thing or two about personal branding. Kramer also knows about some of the pitfalls that brands of all shapes and sizes can succumb to. You won’t want to miss this master class on personal branding from Purematter’s Bryan Kramer.

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About Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer has extensive experience in brand marketing with a focus on integrated communications and strategic business planning. His focus, fun, and passion is as CEO at Purematter — one of the fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley. As a social media strategist followed by over 200,000 combined social media followers, he’s an in-demand keynote speaker, recently giving a TED talk.

Bryan is the author of the new best-selling book, Human to Human or #H2H. He also hosts the podcast, “From the Author’s Point of View,” as well as #Substance, PureMatter’s Luminary video series. He is a featured contributor on Social Media Today, Business2Community, and the IBM Smarter Commerce blog. He has been named a top social media influencer by Forbes, Business Insider, and Kred.

Episode Highlights

It’s a fact: People will click on visuals more. “It’s more fun and it’s more human.” That’s why Bryan loves creating social updates featuring words over images, like this recent example made with the app Word Swag.

If life was a gps it would constantly be recalculating #life

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Being human with your marketing is an old concept. “We’ve always sold to people. But as our marketing has gotten more digitally focused, we’ve strived to automate everything. This strips our marketing of it’s heart and humanity.”

In Bryan’s popular TED talk, he discussed being personally stuck and not knowing how to move his brand. As he got more personally engaged in social media he was able to reimagine his future through the power of social sharing. Watch the full video below.

Not everyone is sold on personal branding. “You and I have it easy as owners of our own business.” In many organizations there are both top-down and bottom-up struggles with the role of personal branding. “You fix this through education and amplifying peoples’ strengths.” We also discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the human ego.

Instead of trying to do everything … “Pick one or two things to get really good at.” Whether it’s blogging, podcasting, or a specific social network, strengthen your conversations and content even further to take your personal brand from good to great.

What brand has made Bryan smile lately? On a recent Virgin Air flight, Bryan had a great interaction with the airline after tweeting to thank them for the experience. This unexpected social conversation sparked content in the form of blog posts as well as inclusion in Bryan’s speech.

To learn more about Bryan Kramer and his work, follow him on Twitter (he’s bryankramer on almost every social network — we’re looking at you, Instagram). You can also go to and learn more about his new book Shareology.

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