Social Sound Bite: Who’s Sharing What on Facebook

social sound bite

On this week’s Social Sound Bite – recorded live at the KXIC studios in Iowa City – Jay and I discussed some new data compiled by Fractl outlining who’s sharing what on Facebook. With 91% sharing something at least once weekly, it’s important to understand the demographic differences as we plan content that’s as effective as possible. Listen for the full sound bite and enjoy these useful links to the news, trends, and tips included in this week’s show.

Beyond the Sound Bite

  • Here’s a digestible infographic from Fractl citing the study’s key findings.
  • Speaking of compelling data, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2016 report came out this week. If you live or work online (HINT: that’s all of us!) you’ll want to check out this industry-leading data.
  • Registration is now open for Social Brand Forum 2016 featuring Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi, Gini Dietrich, Andy Crestodina, Kristen Craft, Melanie Deziel, Carlos Gil, Mike Smith, more. KXIC listeners save by using promo code KXIC. Register now and save!

Remember, the Social Sound Bite is just the appetizer! On Monday morning we’ll serve up a fresh new episode of the On Brand Podcast.

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