Social Media Unicorns + Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter


This week on Social Brand Chat presented by KXIC we discussed a question from Marina Byezhanova, who told us that one of her biggest social media staffing challenges was finding the right people. Let’s chat about this. 

Finding the right people to staff your social media and digital marketing efforts can be a challenge. However, too many hold out for the mythical “social media unicorns.” Those rare perfect digital natives that are the only ones that could possibly decode the magical creature that is social media. Sarcasm aside, remember that social media is a very human channel. As such, people skills and business acumen trump technological skills. You can learn those. Focus on good customer service both online and off.

For this week’s social media news we talked about one of Twitter’s newest members — Monica Lewinsky! Let the jokes begin. Or not. Maybe she’s just another user, though she’s already amassed 72,000 followers (without following a single user).

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