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Amrita Muthur is the VP of Marketing at Superside, a new platform revolutionizing the design of marketing creative in our fast-paced world. She went from being the first marketing hire to overseeing a 400% year-over-year growth strategy. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Michele Arnese

When Amrita Mathur joined Superside as their first marketing hire in 2019 there was no product, no platform, and no recurring revenue. No stranger to being called in when companies are at a strategic inflection point with their growth strategy, she did what she’s spent a career in B2B marketing learning how to do: implemented a marketing-led growth strategy that translated into $8 million in subscription revenue in the first year and 400% year-over-year growth since then. Now as VP of Marketing, her team is revolutionizing design at scale for ambitious brands like Amazon, Meta, Shopify, and Coinbase.

Episode Highlights

No product? No platform? No recurring revenue? That sounds like a story! “Before Superside, I had never worked for an early-stage startup.” But Amrita hit the ground running. During this time, her boss stressed, “I don’t care about revenue. I care about your velocity of learning.”

What did she tackle first? “First, I started with that question of what do we want to be when we grow up?” From there, she conducted over 50 qualitative interviews to get at their buyer personas, influencer personas, and the personas of those not likely to buy from the brand.

More media means more creative. Amrita and I talked a lot about the “volume and velocity” of marketing creative today. “It’s a tough market. You don’t just need good creative. You need great creative. Especially in the B2B space.”

So, what is Superside? Charting new territory in the space between open design marketplaces like Fiverr, freelancers, and traditional agencies, Amrita arrived at a unique phrase for their positioning, “CAAS—Creative As a Service. Even if someone doesn’t get it, it provides permission to explain.”

What brand has made Amrita smile recently? As a proud Canadian, she shared the innovative underwear brand Knix for their standout creative.

To learn more, connect with Amrita on LinkedIn and Twitter. And, of course, check out Superside!

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