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“There are fifteen accepted definitions of a brand. My favorite definition is that a brand is a sum of all experiences a customer has.” As the name of the popular online platform he founded suggests, Derrick Daye is the ultimate Branding Strategy Insider. He’s worked on brand strategy for everything from EA Sports to the Statue of Liberty. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Derrick Daye

Derrick Daye has spent the past 20+ years helping organizations release the full potential of their brands. His experience is as extensive as it is diverse, encompassing the disciplines of brand strategy, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations. At The Blake Project he manages daily operations and serves in the delivery of brand stewardship services as a brand strategist and educator.

Previously Derrick held rewarding leadership roles at global advertising agency leader Saatchi & Saatchi as well as at three other respected agencies. He has led the brand strategy effort for many respected brands, including Abbott, EA Sports, FootJoy, and Wyndham Hotels. In 2006 he conceptualized and launched Branding Strategy Insider to help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. Today his vision serves 50,000+ marketers daily and is recognized by Advertising Age as the leading online resource for brand strategy and management.

Episode Highlights

“There are two things every brand should be thinking about — content and networks.” Derrick shared the story around the launch of Branding Strategy Insider and why it’s important to “get these ideas out into the world.”

“If you’re not found, you don’t exist.” Derrick discussed the challenge agencies and brands alike face of standing out online in an increasingly noisy environment.

“We’re seeing an arms race (with content).” As I frequently note here, more isn’t always better. Sometimes more is just more. “People think quantity is quality. The power of a brand lies in focus.”

What about developing a brand strategy for the Statue of Liberty? “A lot of people think — why does the Statue of Liberty need help? Awareness isn’t a problem.” Derrick noted that there are 22 national monuments in the harbor that people don’t know about. Derrick worked to develop a new strategic brand positioning to address this.

What brand has made Darren smile recently? “The latest campaign from Birdseye Foods for their meatless product.” It uses humor and vampires. Need we say more?

To learn more, go to Branding Strategy Insider or The Blake Project. You can also connect with Derrick on LinkedIn.

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