Long-Form Brand Storytelling with Owen Garitty

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Owen Garitty is the Founder and Lead Creative at FPW Media, a creative shop focused on long-form brand storytelling. Since Owen began work as a photographer at the age of 15, he’s approached everything from photos to movies to content with an eye for visual storytelling. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Owen Garitty

Owen Garitty is the Founder & Lead Creative at FPW Media, a creative studio that specializes in designing and implementing effective marketing strategies and meaningful media content for clients. With a repertoire ranging from creative direction to international business consulting, speaking on marketing and branding, Garitty’s skills and dedication have earned him and his company numerous accolades, including being recognized in Adweek’s list of 100 fastest-growing agencies in both 2020 and 2022. His ability to adapt to the constantly changing demands of the industry has helped him drive success for his clients.

Episode Highlights

Wait, Owen’s agency was awarded for growing in 2020? How’d he pull that off with everything happening in the world then? “Our success is building on being nimble and we were able to pivot to more online storytelling and selling online.”

How Owen’s background as a photographer and director of documentaries informed his work as a creative. “I approach creative like film—which is critical when it comes to long-form content.”

Examples of long-form branded content. “YETI has done great things with their YETI presents,” Owen noted, However, B2B brands can do this too. This was the case with the documentary Lionhearted that Owen and his team created for B2B marketers Safariland Group.

What brand has made Owen smile recently? “I’m gonna get a lot of hate but it’s a fun example—Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s campaign for Dunkin’.” Owen pointed out that while this ad was polarizing, producing a strong response—love it or hate it—is a good thing.

To learn more, go to OwenGarrity.com or check out the FPW Media website.

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