What’s the Best Way to Link Facebook and Instagram?


This week on Social Brand Chat presented by KXIC we discussed a question via Twitter from Laura Cyrek: “What’s the best way to link your Facebook brand page to your Instagram feed? (I’m looking to add a “tab” on the FB page.)” Connecting your activities between social networks can provide a huge time savings if done correctly. Just how should you link Facebook and Instagram? Let’s chat about this.

A quick Google search yields any number of options for adding an Instagram tab to your brand’s Facebook page, however, one to take note of is Statigram. In addition to providing an easy-to-use tool to link Facebook and Instagram, the platform also offers several powerful engagement and analytics features you can utilize to better measure the impact of your Instagram presence. Another useful tool in measuring your brand’s Instagram activity is Simply Measured.

For this week’s social media news, we kept with our Instagram theme and discussed their newly announced Instagram Direct feature, which allows users to send private photos and videos directly to one another or in small groups. While the brand impact is questionable, it’s always interesting when a network as sparse as Instagram adds a new feature. What do you think of Instagram Direct?

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