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Sunny Bonnell is co-author of the best-selling business book Rare Breed and Co-Founder of C-suite branding consultancy Motto. No stranger to starting fires and creating ideas worth rallying around, she and her team work with founders, leaders, and teams to build innovative brands. We discussed all of this and more this week on the On Brand podcast.

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About Sunny Bonnell

Sunny Bonnell is no stranger to starting fires. As Co-Author, of the best-selling business book Rare Breed: A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different, and Co-Founder of MOTTO®, a C-suite branding partner that works directly with founders, leaders, and teams to create Ideas Worth Rallying Around™, Sunny revels in and works with brand innovators that shape our world. She is a fierce visionary, high-octane keynote speaker, and provocative columnist with Fast Company. Her palpable drive and brazen philosophy have garnered clients like Virgin, Google, Microsoft, Hershey’s, and more.

Episode Highlights

Why so flammable? After reading Sunny’s bio, I had to ask about all of the “flammable” references. From dropping out of vet school to flipping the script on women in branding, Sunny has always worked to challenge the status quo. “If you can’t find a way, you can make a way.”

What does it mean to focus on C-suite branding? You know me. I love a good definition. Sunny’s firm Motto works to “solve problems for people on their ascent to being iconic.”

“It’s an inside/out job,” Sunny says of branding today noting the “lack of education in the marketplace” around brand strategy best practices. “A lot of people are forgetting about the why, who, and what.”

What brand has made Sunny smile recently? As you can see from her headshot above, Sunny loves hats. Specifically fedoras. Where does a fedora fan go for the finest hats? Goorin Brothers, of course. This iconic brand has a story that traces back to 1885.

To learn more, check out Sunny’s book Rare Breed and the Motto website.

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